The Kxng Is Dead, Long Live The Kxng

Frequent visitors might have noticed that new posts have slowed down already. It has nothing to do with me being lazy but with a recent discovery:
A few days ago I stumbled across another blog, which coincidently is also called kxngshxt. Even the logo looks kind of similar (screenshot above). Hmm… I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery. [Either that or just biting.] Because even though it seems like this other blog has existed longer than mine (with first post dating back to February 2016), the fact of the matter is that I had already registered my blog 2 years ago. It’s been online, along with my logo, but I hadn’t posted anything. I wanted to set up everything right and make sure that I also was able to post frequently. I guess the other blog creator thought my blog’s dead anyway so he jacked my shxt (pun intended). Or he jacked it from my Soundcloud (same name, same logo). Whatever the case may be, since that guy got him the proper .com domain (which I eventually also wanted to buy), I might as well move on and change my shxt up.

So please bare with me, I’m not letting this bs stop me from bringing you the freshest music you didn’t know yet. Gonna move my blog and start from scratch. But it’ll take me some time to find a new name and create a new logo. Ideas are already floating so expect new posts soon…

Thanks for your visit and support y’all, I greatly appreciate it!


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